SNLO classic
(free version)

SNLO is widely-used, cost-free software developed by Dr. Arlee Smith. It is a native Windows application, with several functions to assist in selecting a nonlinear crystal and modeling its performance. It includes data for more than 50 crystals.

Installation instructions can be found in the readme file.

More information about how to use SNLO can be found in the short article snlo_introduction.pdf.

SNLO has some examples and exercises provided in the Crystal Nonlinear Optics: with SNLO examples (second edition). A list of them is in SNLO Exercises and Examples.pdf.

A prettier PDF of SNLO’s help function can be found in SNLO_help.pdf.

Information on properties and applications of 150+ nonlinear crystals in 1000+ papers may be found in the bibliography Crystals.pdf.

The current version of SNLO is 79 (February 28, 2023). View the changelog.

To download SNLO, please share your e-mail address with us! We keep track of roughly how many people use this software through your responses. We will never use the information you provide to contact you, nor will we sell or give it to anyone else.

SNLO Download

SNLO’s installation is a self-extracting executable file. If you have problems downloading SNLO, your firewall or browser is probably blocking *.exe files. If you have problems downloading after fixing your firewall, please e-mail me at  If you’re concerned about downloading & installing an .exe file, send our file to Virus Total which scans for adware, malware, and viruses.