mlSNLO (standalone)


This price grants unlimited use of mlSNLO for a single user or a single computer, plus one year of full support including updates on request.

Requires free MATLAB Compiler Runtime but not a MATLAB subscription.

This version cannot do batch scripts. If you wish to use batch scripting, you’ll need to buy the MATLAB App version instead (which requires a MATLAB subscription).

See the description below for further information, or the mlSNLO product page to compare versions.

Please also be sure to include the name and e-mail address of the intended end-user on the checkout page.

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Standalone mlSNLO (compiled for independent execution)

This software is compiled for execution without a MATLAB  license, but it does require the cost-free MATLAB Compiler Runtime (available on The MathWork’s website at The installer file for mlSNLO installs the MATLAB Compiler Runtime automatically if it is not already installed. The MCR download is a large file (several hundred megabytes), however, so if you have an unreliable connection to the internet you may wish to download and install it prior to running the mlSNLO installer.

When we prepare the software we have to compile it in the target operating system. Because of this, please be sure to tell us which operating system you intend to run it in.

Operating system

Windows, MacOS