About Dr. Arlee V. Smith

Citizenship: USA

B.S. in Physics (with honors), Alma College, 1969
Ph.D. in Physics, University of Michigan, 1977
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, 1977-1978
Post Doctoral Fellow, JILA, 1978-1980

Areas of research expertise:
Experimental and theoretical nonlinear optics including SBS, Raman, 3-wave mixing, 4-wave mixing, self focusing.
Computer modeling complex processes in lasers and nonlinear optical devices, particularly optical parametric oscillators and frequency converters and fiber lasers.
Author of SNLO nonlinear optics crystal selection and modeling computer code, with over 6000 worldwide users.
Author of SNLFM, a suite of fiber laser models.
Laser interactions with atoms and molecules including spectroscopy and coherent, multiphoton effects.
Optical damage measurements of bulk material and thin films.

Employment history:
1980-2007  Staff scientist in research branch of Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Supervised five post doctoral fellows at Sandia
Supervised one UNM Ph.D. student
Taught several tutorials and short courses on nonlinear optics.

Professional society membership:
Optical Society of America (Fellow)
CLEO program committee (2000-2003)
Born Award committee
Schawlow Prize committee

Publications and presentations:
Author of over 200 journal articles and conference presentations
Author of 1 encyclopedia chapter
Holder of 6 US patents.
Author of Crystal Nonlinear Optics.

Contact information

Mailing address

AS-Photonics, LLC

4805 Todd ST NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109




(505) 554-7299