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SNLO (free version)

SNLO is free software developed by Dr. Arlee Smith. It is a native Windows application, with several functions to assist in selecting a nonlinear crystal and modeling its performance. It includes data for more than 50 crystals.

More information about how to use SNLO can be found in the short article SNLO_Introduction.pdf

Information on applications of nonlinear crystals may be found in the bibliography Crystals.pdf

A prettier PDF of SNLO's help function can be found in SNLO_Help.pdf

Version 73 (July 25, 2019)

To download SNLO, please provide information below. It is used only to track the type and number of users for personal satisfaction; it will not be used for any other purpose. I will never e-mail you or give out your information.

SNLO's installation is a self-extracting executable file. If you have problems downloading SNLO, your firewall or browser is probably blocking *.exe files. If you have problems downloading after fixing your firewall, please e-mail me at